Ballet - Even though Ballet is one of the hardest disciplines our aim is to encourage the pupils deportment, understanding of muscle groups, the relevance of each exercise and the importance that this discipline and technique has on all other dance genre.  Ballet is the basis of all dancing genre and it is important to make it fun and enjoyable.  

Tap - Adding tap into your dance discipline will give the pupil the opportunities to acquire all of the basics of good dance technique.  Musicality and styling are learned through Tap.  This widespread teaching of this rhythmic style has contributed to the popularity of this dance genre and expanded the history of this dance into a fully mainstream style for enthusiasts of all ages

Modern Jazz -Is a broad genre that allows more freedom than Ballet and Tap. The dancer can focus on their own style as is less disciplined.  It can be fast, slow, high impact, gentle, loud, a mix of all dance styles.  An excellent workout to a huge mix of music.  There is something for everyone. 

Contemporary Dance - is a style of expressive dance that combines many dance genre, including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. The dancers aim is to connect body and mind through fluid dance movements. The NATD is delighted that their Contemporary Syllabus has been officially recognised by Ofqual and iseligible for UCAS points

Gymnastic Dance - This dance style incorporates acrobatic movements,floor work and rhymic gymanstics. It requires balance, strength, flexibility, 

Musical Theatre - Is a form of theatrical performnace that combines music, songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance.  Our class has an equal split and all technical aspects are covered as an integrated whole.




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Mummy & Me - 16 months-2years - A lovely gentle introduction to dance, music and movement for little ones to do with mummy.

Tots Dance - This class is ideal for little ones from 2-3 years, the class enables the pupil to gain confidence and musical awareness whilst helping them with their physical and creative development.  It is the stepping stone class for the exciting opportunities that dance can provide for many years to come.

Introduction to Ballet, Tap & Street Dance Class - This is the follow on class from Tots Dance.  It more structured and the start of more disciplined dancing in 3 Dance Genres.

​​​Street Dance -Is a dance style, regardless of country of origin that evolved outside of the dance studio in any available open space.  It is now a global craze and features in popular TV shows.  Street Dance is mostly fast, energetic, sharp, high energy and a serious cardiovascular workout.  Street Dance is a very popular style with everyone.