My daughter first came to Tiptoes 6 years ago.  We had tried a few dance  lessons before in our village run by non-professional teachers and they just skipped around.  Needless to say, when we were introduced to Tiptoes by a good friend, we thought we have struck gold.  ​Everyone is so friendly, it is like being part of  a big family.  My daughter starter in the Tots class, the teacher was so calm and friendly, she just loved it.  For the past few years she has moved into the Grade Combined Classes, she was nervous at first by moving to a new teacher but now thinks her teacher is great and works all the more harder as she wants to get it right.  ​She loves: the exams, the shows, the summer holiday classes, the girls, the uniform, everything, well except coming home afterwards.  Thank you Tiptoes for giving my daughter the dancing discipline/the bug, this is what I had when I was a child and I am so pleased she has been able to enjoy it, as it has been an important part of her childhood, which I know she will treasure forever.                                               Mrs L Hicks

My daughter started with Tiptoes when she was 3 years old.  At her first show I saw this little clumpy child!. Now she is nearly 16 and at every show makes me cry with pride.  She has become a very graceful dancer, not the clumpy child anymore.  She attends the Combined Grade Classes and is currently working on her Grade 4 Ballet & Tap.  This is both due to her commitment and the commitments of the dance school and teachers.  I am sure the young adult she has become is due to the time she has at Tiptoes.     Mrs L Worley


Tiptoes Dance Studio has brought so much joy to my daughter!  Having tried other classes in other towns, and following one term at Tiptoes, she was desperate to go back and asked me if she could return, she's 6!!  As a parent I've been welcomed as much as my daughter, I actually look forwards to the hour and a half catch up with the others mums on a Saturday morning.  The combined classes give my daughter a chance to try different styles.  It's great at the studio and I feel my daughter is getting so much from her time with the terrific teachers that Tiptoes have.  We do a countdown from Saturday until the following week.  I can't recommend highly enough! Thank you Tiptoes.                                 Mrs K Allen-Payne